Glaucoma is an irreversible loss of Optic Nerve structure and function due to increased pressure in the eye.The patient progressively loses the vision which usually begins in the periphery and then moves onto the center.

Glaucoma is essentially a painless condition and the patient doesn't notice the loss of vision till a very late stage. However there are exceptional cases. Glaucoma can be of many types and once such type is Angle closure glaucoma. In this condition the patient may experience colored haloes and pain along with early loss of vision.

Patient can be hereditary and may run in the family.

In the era where Eye Testing and Eye Care has advanced so much, unfortunately glaucoma remains a hidden enemy within.

Early detection and control are the only modalities of controlling the disease and salvaging the vision.

Glaucoma can be present in as many as 100% - 13 % of the general population.So book your apointments with us at the eraliest to get yourself tested.