Squinting of eyes is one of the most commonly encountered problems in childhood. Squinting isn’t just a cosmetic blemish. It also causes loss of vision in the form of Amblyopia a.k.a Lazy eye. This loss of vision is temporary and is potentially reversible.

This can cause the child to lose interest in studies and play activities. The overall confidence of the child decreases and the child lands up becoming an introvert. Squint can also be the first sign that the child might require glasses.

With corrective squint surgery and vision therapy the damage can be controlled. However due to various myths and social pressure, many parents refrain from getting the child examined in the early stages. Squint can sometimes be corrected with glasses alone. Certain cases benefit from vision therapy and only the cases which are not correctable by the above mentioned modalities need to be treated with surgery.

Give your child a chance and get their eyes checked at the earliest. Any delay can cost them their vision.

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